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Keep Staff Selected on the Global Calendar

Whenever you log out of Neos and log back in the staff selection for the global calendar is gone.

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  • Jun 7 2024
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    22 Jul 02:13pm

    This function is super helpful!! Especially when working with multiple attorneys and paralegals

  • Guest commented
    17 Jul 07:35pm
    Let the user decide the default, not the program
  • Guest commented
    15 Jul 06:41pm

    YES! It is tedious to have to re-select all the names I need for the calendar view over and over again every single day!

  • Guest commented
    20 Jun 04:41pm

    Please restore the calendar to how it was before these new changes were made. We have several staff we make appointments for every day, along with conference rooms that need scheduled. I need these to be my default as they were before. Thank you

  • Guest commented
    20 Jun 04:19pm

    Please fix this issue. Calendar staff selection should remain selected, as it was before.

  • Guest commented
    10 Jun 06:52pm

    there us no reason why this feature has been removed. It is a PIA and it needs to be restored immediately. I cannot imagine any utitilty in requiring users to reset which calendars they want to view every time they log on

    I have been a needles user since before it was needles. I think we were the second beta tester for Neos. I have to say that the system is becoming more difficult to use over time and less user friendly over time.