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SMS on Neos

It would be really helpful if when messaging a client from Neos the responses would go back into Neos instead of going into Outlook.

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  • Mar 2 2021
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  • Guest commented
    20 Jun, 2023 02:41pm

    I agree that this should not be a premium feature that costs extra.

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    16 Jun, 2023 05:38pm

    why should 2 way texting be a 'premium' feature that costs extra and not a basic feature? can you imagine AT&T offering basic one way texting but upcharging for 2 way texting? that would be a huge boon to Verizon if it offered 2 way texting as a basic feature !!

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    Mckay Ferrell commented
    16 Jun, 2023 05:12pm

    Full two-way SMS text threads between multiple particpants with history available in Notes > Text Messges when using Neos Premium Texting.

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    8 Mar, 2023 07:30pm


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    13 Dec, 2022 11:29pm

    agree with the below note, and add: if the responding SMS goes to an outlook inbox of a user and sits there, no one else using Neos has any way to know a response has come in; imagine all the double talk this would prevent !

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    14 Oct, 2022 06:44pm

    Having the Neos outlook plugin see the SMS and using an auto tag to flag the conversation and automatically place the response back into Neos to the appropriate case would be highly desirable. This would ensure that corresponds between staff and the client are 100% captured.