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Allow Attachments to be saved to Email being sent when tagged rather than having to go to Sent folder to tag email to get documents to attach to email being sent.

When I am sending an email, I have to send the email, then go to the sent folder and then tag the email so get the documents to attach. This is very inefficient. When using Needles, I could hit "Send and Post to Needles" and never had to go to the sent folder. It's great to now be able to attach documents to sent emails. However, requiring us to go to the sent folder to complete the task is time consuming given the volume of emails. I know that you prefer us to go to to the sent folder to tag emails due to the possibility we may change it before sending. However, this is not an issue if you hit both the tag email button and immediately hit the send button. That is the habit you should be teaching. In any event, please change when documents attach to a sent email by allowing the documents to attach when the email is tagged prior to sending the email. Thanks, Rob Katz

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  • Nov 20 2023
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