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Increase # of Notes that can be toggled

Neos only loads up to 50 notes to toggle through at a time, when you reach 50 you have to close the Notes viewer and scroll through the Notes tab to find the next group of Notes to read. Neos should load all notes at once.

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  • Jul 29 2022
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    27 Sep 08:58pm

    We seem to have issues with the ability to use the arrow in the right corner of the reading pain of a Neos notes. We should be able to go through the entire list it seems to stop at random intervals. One of our cases has about 112 notes but in the top right corner, it will only let me go between 1 to 50. Then after scrolling through the list and coming back up to the top selecting a different entry it will only go 0 – 12.

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    15 Sep 03:21am

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    9 Aug 06:44pm

    It is a royal pain. And sometimes it will only load 2 cause there are 52 notes.... and it won't cross the line. It is very inconsistent in what it loads.

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    5 Aug 03:34pm

    I find it very confusing that now, when you open various notes, they keep changing the amount of numbers in the batch (upper right corner) depending on if you open from the bottom or top or middle. How do people keep track of which notes they have looked at if they keep changing the numbers? i want to open the first note and flip through every single note in the file when i'm reviewing the file. or if i open in the middle, i want to flip through all notes to the end. This update is terrible. Everyone complains at our office about it. and the fact the email notes now default to opening at the bottom of the chain is also disruptive and annoying.

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    29 Jul 01:18pm

    I work specifically with evaluating cases for demand in Pre Litigation and then again in Litigation where there are essentially HUNDREDS of case notes that I need to review daily in order to synopsize all that has gone on in a file since the very first intake call. This 50 note view has essentially handicapped everything I do related to helping place value and authority on a case day to day. I look at almost EVERY case and this inability to see more than 30 notes (I never get 50 to load) has doubled my time for a normal 30 minutes to one hour review.