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Neos - Ability to formate name in QuickBooks Export

When exporting checks in Needles, names would display first name last name. In Neos names are exported to checks with last, first. Would love to be able to choose which format I want.

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  • Mar 30 2022
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    3 May 02:55pm

    Why would Any company print the Last Name First on checks? I can not believe this is even an issue that has to be fixed. As far as I'm concerned, it's just plain common sense. No company that I know of does that. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!

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    15 Apr 05:12pm

    Happy to see this is planning to implement, please do so ASAP

    until then for those of you struggling with this issue, here is how to manually update the print name settings in QB which right now is your only option

    If the check's payee is a vendor, edit the vendor and change the Print As field.

    If the check's payee is a customer, edit the customer name and change the first line of the address block to the desired Print As value.

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    6 Dec, 2023 05:02pm

    Our accountant has to manually fix the print as name in QB for each and every payee every time. Please fix this issue as it is caused by Neos Integrator and not QB. 100% of the time we need checks to be First name Last name

    we never want Last name First name

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    23 May, 2023 10:05pm

    I agree 100%. Payee on checks should read first name last name. I now have to go into either Customer or Vendor list and manually change them. Please address and fix this issue.

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    3 Aug, 2022 05:36pm

    I do not know a single company who sends checks out payable to "Lastname, Mr/Ms. Firstname". Can we please have the naming conventions for clients reprogrammed so checks are made payable to "Mr/Ms. Firstname Lastname".