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Auto populate case/client information in calendar subject line

This feature disappeared with the new update. Please bring back the auto population of the case name/client name in the calendar subject line. Staff needs to be able to see who they are meeting with when looking at their calendar appointments and having to type this information in the subject line manually is a hassle.

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  • Jun 7 2024
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    19 Jul 06:54pm

    Need to bring back the feature in Neos calendar which added the case name and case number in the description box of the calendar item. The case name and case number is also no longer is carried over into the Outlook calendar which we also use, rendering it useless and confusing.

    Please reinstate! Thank you.

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    3 Jul 06:01pm

    Would like for the case name to be seen on the calendar without having to go into the event itself. Additionally, would like to see if an event is cancelled without having to click into the event. If there could possibly be a color change or a font change when events are cancelled so it's obvious on the calendar when it's cancelled.

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    20 Jun 07:20pm

    The option for private calendaring needs to be added back. The scroll for time also needs to be added back. They case information in subject needs to be added back. The option for view of ALL staff calendar without having to enter one staff at a time needs to be added back. The permissions for staff to edit and view organization calendar needs to be controlled by Neo's not Outlook. Overall the calendar needs to be simplified. It has created to many clicks and too many inputs to be efficient.

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    13 Jun 04:06pm

    Always the same. Neos updates. Neos messes up things that aren't broken. Complaints roll in for days afterward.

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    13 Jun 01:27pm

    It is SO necessary, especially with the other calendar changes, that we are able to sort by date. It makes it easier to view!

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    10 Jun 04:55pm

    I agree very difficult to see at a glance who is coming in. Now we have to click or toggle over entry.