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More Separation in Case Header

Firms would find it easier to parse the case header if there were something separating the field and the data populating it, such as a colon, or setting the field in bold. They would also find it preferable if the case header could stay fully open at all times.

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  • Mar 16 2023
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    20 Mar 02:29pm

    The additional options that have been added are great but the fact that Case Header does not adapt to screen resolution is leaving tons of empty space. if we could just get Neos to remember we clicked it to stay open across the board that would be great. Major useability issue.

  • Guest commented
    17 Mar 02:38pm

    I like that the header is more compact use of space, but make it go all the way over to the right so we can see more fields, and make the field titles more distinct from the information, example screenshot below it's hard to read and if it went over the right just a bit more we could see all the fields we want without having to expand.

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    17 Mar 02:31pm

    Another suggestion, move the budget up a line to where the client name is and make the header full screen again.

  • Guest commented
    16 Mar 10:02pm

    put back the way it was. Header to stay open at all times; need access to DOI on a regular basis. Not helpful with your change

  • Guest commented
    16 Mar 08:48pm

    If a firm does not plan to use the Case Budget feature, allow the header to continue across the page as it was prior to the 3/16/23 update.

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    16 Mar 06:34pm

    I also agree with the case header comment above! Please have the case header stay fully open at all times, like it was before. Using | may help in the separation issue. Thanks!

  • Guest commented
    16 Mar 06:32pm

    Header to stay open at all times; need access to DOI on a regular basis. Not helpful to use carrot each time to review doi.