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When entering in events on the "Holidays" mini-directory, these events need to appear on the calendar for Neos/Outlook.

When entering an event into the Holidays mini-directory, these events should be added directly into the staffs' calendars.

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  • Feb 20 2024
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    19 Apr 04:56pm

    There are multiple posts with eluding to this same issue. I hope all the votes over the multiple posts are taken into consideration.

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    20 Feb 08:21pm

    Would love this feature. Needles had it and it was represented Neos was going to be better than Neos so I’m not sure why this feature isn’t already on the program.

  • Guest commented
    20 Feb 06:17pm

    This was a feature Needles had which Neos does not. It is desperately needed!