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attaching documents to an email thread or new calendar event

There needs to be a way to attach a document to email that is in your inbox already or a calendar event. It shouldn't be that I can only send an email with an attachment that I create myself on the neos website. Right now, if I have to respond to an email, I have to download whatever document I need and attach it from the desktop then delete that copy. The same goes for creating a calendar entry, which is already done through neos itself. Why can't I attach anything to it as it's being created instead of again downloading the specific doc(s) and attaching it from the desktop to then have to delete it afterwards? These extra steps are a waste of time for a program that is supposed to be integrated. Screenshots available to see how easy it is in Trialworks. Adding these features are something that will help save a lot of time and be a big convenience.

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  • May 5 2023
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