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A new layout manager field that acts as a note.

In layout manager, there should be an option that allows for static text. As of now, there is no option that allows you to leave text that does not have a checkbox, text box, etc. Firms are looking to add notes to a few sections.

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  • Mar 7 2023
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    14 Jul, 2023 02:11pm

    Agree with the comment that logically it makes no sense to have the ability in the intake layout manager but not in the case layout manager. This is a critically needed piece for firms who are developing new case types.

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    9 Jun, 2023 04:32pm

    The text box feature that we've always had and was removed in the December update. It's hilarious to me that you have the feature in the intake layout manager (paragraph option) but in the actual case layout manager it's missing.

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    23 Mar, 2023 10:44pm

    Yes this is a critical feature that I have used in setting up user defined tabs in the past. Now that I no longer have the ability to add new instructions/text, I either have to change the names of some of my existing fields (which takes up space when viewing these fields in advanced search) or go without and risk inconsistent data entry. Please add this feature back, or if there is a good reason to remove it please explain why.

  • Guest commented
    7 Mar, 2023 05:55pm

    This feature was removed on either the November or December updated and is crucial in providing instructions to staff as they are filling out case screens.