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Renaming attachments when Tagging in Outlook

It would be very helpful in Outlook if I could rename attachments that I need to save in Neos when tagging an email. Now, if I want to include the attachment, I have to do that, then go into Neos and rename that document to our naming format. That is extremely frustrating as we get lots of attachments from clients, for example, that I would like to be able to save without performing multiple steps in multiple programs.

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  • Mar 3 2021
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    17 May 05:30pm

    Yes, please!

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    26 Mar 01:21pm

    Would be so helpful

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    25 Mar 03:39pm

    Please fix this!

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    9 Feb 06:26pm

    Yes Please! This would make things easier when working in a case.

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    9 Feb 05:25pm

    Been 3 years since the OP. Could we please get this implemented as soon as possible? We would greatly appreciate it.

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    2 Jul, 2023 03:35am

    This would be especially helpful as we use a certain syntax for naming our files. Please move this to the top of the list. Thank you.

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    14 Jul, 2022 04:53pm

    Yes please! The ability to save attached documents straight into case docs from the Outlook addin is not usable for us if you can't edit the name of the document in same step. Not practical to have to remember to go back into case and find the same document and change the name.

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    25 Oct, 2021 04:03pm

    So hard to believe this hasn't been implemented yet. It slows down everyone on the team and nobody wants to get stuck with the job of uploading DOCS. Neos has us doing so many unnecessary clicks and extra steps.

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    29 Apr, 2021 05:45pm

    This is important. Not only do you have to go to the viewer and rename the document, the link in notes is not valid after you rename it, making that feature useless. Most of the time you don't want to save an attachment with the name it has on arrival. I just uploaded a letter from Geico with the document name "document". Police photographs arrive named only by a series of numbers.

    Also, while you are adding a box to name the document, please add a box to create a document tag. You want to address everything about saving that document at one time.

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    5 Mar, 2021 05:26pm

    I wish I could vote for this idea multiple times. This would enhance workflow greatly.